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About All This

Apparently, this is where I’m supposed to add an artist’s statement. There’s only one problem with that: I hate writing artist statements.

The reality is that every now and then I get a slightly interesting idea for a photography project and if I have the time, I’ll try to pull it off. In the summer of 2008 I started playing around with underwater imagery and had some interesting results. The water distorts colors, gravity and shapes in completely unpredictable ways which makes it rather impossible to overplan a shot; you have to set things up the best you can, fire off as many frames as possible while holding your breath and hope that something good comes of it. Then, when you find the most incredible shot ever known to mankind, you will soon spot the too-large-to-fix air bubble coming out of the model’s nose.

The pool season here in Seattle is extremely short — 2.5 months if we’re lucky — so I try to get in as much as I can during that brief time. Annoyingly, most of my revelations and technique improvements come to me just as things are wrapping up and I have to do my best to remember those things until the next season.

Occasionally I also take pictures of things above the water, often involving many naked people. These have included:

My projects tend to keep me fairly busy throughout the year, but if you have an idea for something that you think I should be involved with, feel free to be in touch.

Thanks for visiting,

– David // Seattle