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After working with Lydia in 2008 I was extremely eager to get her back in the water in 2009. And now all I can think about is what we’ll do in 2010…

Lydia 2009

Two superb models in one photo session. I was having trouble narrowing my selection down to a manageable number, so I just gave up and posted more than I usually put in one gallery. I hope that’s OK with everyone.

Tamara and Whisper 2009

Fuchsia Foxxx guarantees an explosion of color in any setting, and things are especially vivid in the water.

Fuchsia Foxxx 2009

We managed to do one more set with Whisper before summer officially ended. You can also spot a few extra shots of her in the set with Santiagera.

Whisper 2009

An afternoon underwater with Eden. I had originally planned to rework a number of these images, but now I think I’m going to leave them as is. Sometimes it pays to let things sit for a while.

Eden 2009

This was Santiagera’s first time at underwater modeling, but we still got some great results. Whisper also pops into a few of these shots.

Santiagera 2009

Once a year I help Photographic Center Northwest do an underwater shoot with a Form & Figure class. If I have time, I’ll also jump in and grab a few shots, but it’s usually too crowded in the water to get a perfect image.

Class Night 2009

This was the first year I did any underwater work and I didn’t really end up with that many usable shots. Learned a whole hell of a lot, though.

Underwater 2008
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